Gangnam Severance Hospital, held of stroke public lectures and symposiums

Gangnam Severance Hospital, stroke public lectures and symposiums held [Herald economy = Itehyon reporter] Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital, Cerebrovascular Center (director Jujin’yan) is, at the 15th 10 am to come, stroke in the hospital one building 7th floor in Hun Hall It will hold a public lecture and symposium.

1 part public lecture of general interest, cancer, along with heart disease, there is provided a medical knowledge three domestic stroke is caused a large death was prepared to assist the formation of a correct recognition.

Yonsei University School of Medicine neurology Gimujifa Professor describes cerebral infarction, Yonsei University School of Medicine neurosurgery job Guan Chong lecturer is a hemorrhagic stroke 8216; cerebral hemorrhage 8217; to lecture on.

Lecture later, it’s will also be carried out time of questions and answers expert medical team is will be answered about the point that it became normal care.

Part 2 symposium is to share the latest information on the diagnosis and surgery of adult moyamoya disease, is scheduled to discuss the direction of future research.

Natural history and clinical meaning of moyamoya disease (Yonsei University School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery Shimugyu circle Professor), the genetic characteristics of the adult Moyamoya Disease (Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery Title Young University), the latest findings (circle of neuroimaging biological diagnosis light University School of Medicine nerve Sogu~ondoku Professor), lectures were such as to theme surgical treatment of the latest findings (Yonsei University School of Medicine neurosurgery Gimuyonbe Professor) is provided.

Inquiries are to be on 0220193390 or e-mail

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Flat shoes, which can be broken by high heels spring mood outlook foot

of flat shoes, which can be broken by high heels spring mood outlook foot

Ignorance valgus disease surgery before and after Xray image / photo = Our Lady dyne hospital offer

Of salaried workers if to be all day long standing work Mr. Kim (27), after work, are numerous if the foot is swollen in Pampanga. Is felt severe pain in the soles of the feet when you also try to walk in the morning to work wearing a heel almost no flat shoes, she visited the hospital. Jog jog down macro Yom onset was the cause of the pain. Mr. Choi I’ve been wearing much the high heels from getting to adult for a small key (32), but visited the hospital received the diagnosis of ignorance valgus disease for other addition to a sense of the big toe.

Recent high heels and jog jog down an increasing number of young women who wear in favor of flat shoes macro Yom, patients complain of foot-related diseases, such as ignorance valgus disease is increasing. In particular, recent weather is solvable, the popularity of luxury flat shoes and high heels has further increased, I want you to check the state of their feet to know exactly both of disease.

◇ In the case of pain in the morning of the first step jog jog down macro Yom

Jog jog down Mak Yom refers to film a plantar fascia inflammation occurs in the disease is located on the soles of the feet. While plantar fascia support the foot of the arch, the role of dispersing the weight. Jog jog down Mak Yom can see a lot from women who are wearing frequently found the flat shoes. Flat shoes soles are attached to almost the bottom, there is no cushion feeling to disperse the weight, the pressure is directly transmitted to the sole, cause inflammation.

Usually, if accompanied by severe pain when you wake up in the morning to walk the first step, it is try suspected jog jog down macro read. Plantar fascia is relaxed while the muscles of the leg that had been during the night contraction weight rests, pain occurs. More than 90 patients, symptoms can be improved by treatment through a brace of 2-3 months, such as extracorporeal shock wave. If the pain is severe, it can also be used in combination with taping therapy. Steroid injection is used only in absolutely necessary at the time because of the possibility of muscle damage, when the pain of more than six months is sustained, it must also consider the damaged plantar fascia arthroscopic surgery to sew you can turn off the.

Our Lady dyne hospital joint center Lee John Han director is whether recently gained weight rapidly concave foot, in the case of flat foot, so you may want to develop more easily, attention to the selection of shoes is necessary. And he said .

◇ If the toe is the inner heel ignorance valgus disease

Ignorance valgus disease is also called high-heeled disease order inflammation occurs in the big toe towards the second toe, is a disease showing the pain. The incidence of and wear time of high heels that weight gather longer ignorance valgus disease is higher in the toe for high heels.

Treatment of ignorance valgus disease, symptoms of the patient feels, the severity of the deformation varies depending on the purpose of the treatment. If early, at the same time as the treatment of inflammation and pain, to slow the progression of the deformation of the toes, the ball is wide, it can be seen using the insole and implants for calibration wearing soft shoes. Severe variations must adjust the length of the shaving ligaments and soft tissue to bone protrusion must be corrected by surgery.

Ijonhan director is to be in order to prevent the jog jog down Mak Yom and ignorance valgus disease, moderate heel of about 2~3cm, soft cushion, say it is to wear comfortable shoes that do not give unreasonable in their Baruboru it was stated that it is confirmed whether the cushion feeling to the bottom if you are wearing reluctantly, must frequently heal tired by the stretch of the legs.

/ Amata Minherusu Korea intern reporter

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Okuma pharmaceutical, foray into Brazil of bio-pharmaceutical market

Daewoong Pharmaceutical, earnest to advance to Brazil Okuma pharmaceutical biopharmaceutical foray into Brazil of bio-pharmaceutical market is a market of up to Central and South America.

The company is the 24th (local time), and Brazilian state-owned pharmaceutical companies hill Brazil in Sao Paulo, Brazil, revealed the 27th and entered into a technical cooperation agreement of biopharmaceuticals.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical, was supposed to provide a bridgehead for the entry into the market of the Brazilian government of biopharmaceuticals in this agreement. In addition, it was also concrete results utilizing the PDP system expected. Brazil PDP plans, if the foreign pharmaceutical companies to produce the drug locally via a joint venture with Brazilian pharmaceutical company, the Brazilian government fixed It is a system to buy the amount of parts in mandatory.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical John Seung Ho Global Business Division is a and was Latin America’s largest pharmaceutical market advance cooperation in agreement with the slope Brazil to market the Brazilian government of biopharmaceuticals is that to obtain a driving force , showed a rapid growth in that foray into the Brazilian pharmaceutical market is it said that receives the force.

hskfnnews Honsokugun reporter

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Interview employment preparation students were before, to avoid a non-favorable impression voice spe

interview employment preparation students declined, to avoid a non-favorable impression voice speech is,

./ photo = Chosun Ilbo DB that interview came out applicants who have a sweat

Public adoption of the first half of the company is thriving. Job seeker’s resume to a packed employment, in addition to various documents, such as self-introduction statement, there is that you must always check. It is a voice and tone that can give a good impression immediately interview. Stable The voice and tone gives a good feeling and confidence to the other party, but, if and shivering is high, in the case of follow well the words may be adversely affected.

First, it is difficult to give a favorable impression on the interviewer shows no trembling face confidence so that the voice was crying every time you say. Voice trembling thus, in the open sexual dysphonia, which occurs repetitive contractions in the muscles of the larynx, the vibration of the vocal cords becomes irregular, it means that the failure is displayed in the utterance. Cause of the continuous dysphonia is in psychological problems and the wrong utterance habit. When the trembling symptoms become badly, voice is rough, it can even become difficult to speak a few words.

In one single answer thorny road interview, it can stuttering disease also adversely affected. Stuttering disease, it appears a number of 2 to 4 years of age, it is common to be natural healing after. However, adults can also stuttering disease continues to become, in this case, also ancillary activities, such as the words repeated blink of easy to get together. Weighted psychological burden of stuttering sustained, and for this reason, before you speak, the habit of thinking certain words earlier occur, or more often jammed words.

Voice trembling in this way, your child diseases, incorrect pronunciation is not interview only, a job even after an adverse effect. However, there are many people who left for consideration is only because of the tension a voice trembling most people. To control the trembling of these increasingly badly made voices, unconsciously when produce sound, although often to empower the vocal cords and the muscles surrounding it, the result, it is possible symptoms worse.

If a trembling voice persists for more than two weeks, good to try to determine whether the continuous dysphonia through the ear, nose and throat examination. Ream dysphonia is possible for more than one month of speech and language therapy and drug therapy that has been through the ear, nose and throat specialist and examination language therapist cooperation, improvement through the Botox treatment. Botox treatment, as the injection of Botox into the muscle of the vocal cords to induce trembling voice, speech and language therapy, is carried out as to the breathing utterance training along with the ear, nose and throat specialist.

Sound treatment of ear, nose and throat, the head to have in order to make me relax the muscles of the neck that has been damaged, based on the attitude that will extend the neck to the top, so that the patient can feel the vibration of the grand It helps to maintain a comfortable speaking to a yawn. Also it is carried out in a manner to induce to be able to strengthen the sound of sound out a strong nasal through humming.

/ Right Jules health Korea intern reporter

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Metabolic syndrome, man and unlike woman variable education is large

of metabolic syndrome, a man unlike woman variable education is large

Metabolic syndrome refers to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, that chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia is displayed at the same time on one person. Despite the high-calorie intake, amount of exercise and the amount of activity it appears well from the little people.

◆ The high prevalence of a low educated women

The prevalence of female metabolic syndrome (proportion of number of patients) shows the difference in accordance with the educational level, depending on the socioeconomic level, the prevalence of the disease was found to vary.

Yoshimiizumi large Kill Hospital Family Medicine of High Mobility professor team 5th National Health more than 20-year-old adult 6178 people who participated in the Nutrition Survey (male: 2672 People, Women: 3506 people) to the subject, education level and metabolic As a result of investigating the relationship between the syndrome, the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome, it is higher the lower the education women revealed. Men, there was no clear association between the level of education and the metabolic syndrome.

The research team, one section of the education level (less than 7 years, female: 1064 people), two sections (7-9 years, female: 373 people), three sections (10-12 years Women: 938 people), four sections (more than 12 years, female: 1131 people) it was divided into a total of four sections. As a result, in each section, we have analyzed the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome.

In women, higher education level is high, while the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome is rapidly lowered, it was not able to find a special relevance to man. Women the educated becomes higher as compared to maintaining a proper body weight through exercise eat less and locking processed foods, males because not.

Women in prevalence, relatively academic level is low one section highest in the 47.5 (440 people), 2 section 33.1 (115 people), followed later in the three sections 13.4 (120 people). only followed women corresponding to the highest four sections is education level to 5.5 (59 people), I had the metabolic syndrome. These results were similar but the result of correcting the other external variables. If you have a prevalence of one section with one point, two sections 0.90 points, three sections 0.60 points, four sections was only 0.35 points.

On the other hand, metabolic syndrome prevalence of men, two sections are the highest in the 39.7 (120 people in person 323), thereafter one section is followed then by 35 (409 people in 124 people). Followed by three sections is 30.6 (786 people in 229 people), was the order of the four sections 24.9 (275 out of the 1154 people). 2 interval with corrected value the external variables 1.36 points, 3 interval was 1.18 points, four sections 1.16 points.

Yoshimiizumi In a large kill hospital High Mobility professor of family medicine is developing countries, social, economic, along the surface of the dynamic development, the relationship between socioeconomic status and the metabolic syndrome in men and women it is assumed, has been variously reported However, the pattern of Japan’s prevalence, he said, it showed a similar pattern as the result of Western countries. Then he is done mainly in most Western countries of such research, but South Korean research result was insufficient, through this research, it became an opportunity to try examine the situation, he added.

◆ increasing trend in the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome that causes various diseases have one in three Korean people. According to the 2007 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the prevalence of more than 20-year-old adult is 31.3 (men: 29, women 32.9) in, there is a tendency that the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome is increasing in Korea.

Metabolic syndrome, △ central obesity (waist circumference Men: 102cm, women: more than 88cm) △ high triglycerides (150mg / dL or more) △ low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (Men: 40mg / less than dL, women: less than 50mg / dL) △ high fasting glucose level (100mg / dL or more) △ is defined when it corresponds to more than three of hypertension.

The cause of the increased prevalence, it can be seen and diet of western always sitting lifestyle, psychosocial stress and due to many factors, such as obesity. Modern people, meat, fatty foods, but consume a lot of calories in processed food, amount of activity is less calories to consume less. Diet for prevention, it is necessary to maintain weight through exercise therapy to the proper level. By ingesting fewer calories than normal, it is preferable to move by 30 minutes a day.

◆ warning symptoms of metabolic syndrome, major disease

More than anything, metabolic syndrome, cancer is the leading cause of death of the Korean people, cardiovascular disease, it is closely related to diabetes. Probability relating to diabetes suffering from metabolic syndrome is three to five times higher compared to the general population. Even without diabetes, if there is a metabolic syndrome, risk of cardiovascular disease compared to healthy individuals increases until 1.3 to 1.5 times.

At a rate of one in two people of obesity, which is suffering from metabolic syndrome, visceral fat of obesity, lower the immunity and inflamed in the body, causing a variety of adult diseases. Visceral fat, diabetes, as well as hyperlipidemia, regardless to induce fatty liver and alcohol intake.

Public health for the Professor metabolic syndrome in Korea, is expected to continue to increase in the future, and in consideration of the level of education and sex, for the purpose of prevention and management of metabolic syndrome non smoking, drinking, obesity prevention the formulation of policy we have stated to be compelling.

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The drooping eyelids … of health signal 12 to see in the eyes when you left, of eye disea

Eye health signal 12 to see in it …

drooping eyelids

Upon standing, health signal to watch in the health signal eyes to look at eye disease risk ↑ eye

Of health signal 12 to see in the eyes, the eyes well be food?

Including health signal 12 points to see in the eyes, good food in the eyes is attracting attention.

Robuhogon professor known as an expert of the United Kingdom of eyes gave green and yellow vegetables and bright vegetables with good food to the eye, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A. Green and yellow vegetables, lutein ingredient that prevents the damage of the retina of the eye is included in the wealth. Kale, broccoli, spinach, etc. belong to this. In addition, the bright colors of vegetables and fruits, zeaxanthin that seems to give the same effect as the lutein in many foods, corn, bright colors of fruits and vegetables, such as orange corresponds to this.

In addition, omega-3 fatty acids rich in salmon, tuna, mackerel is to prevent eye diseases such as senile macular degeneration, slowing the rate of progression of the disease. Finally, vitamin A-rich carrots and eggs to provide health good in the eyes. Hogan Dr. as nothing food to eat without thinking can affect vision, and cause blindness and eat Vitamin A, C, E, a number of balanced diet such as lutein to reduce disease, it said to be able to slow the progression.

Of health signal 12 to see in the eyes

The first of the health signal to watch in the eye, eye is a symptom of fatigue. Lighting does not match the brightness, mental stress also affects the eyes of fatigue symptoms that appear when you are looking at a long screen of the computer.

Also, in the second, eyes are bloodshot. Cause if a problem occurs in the eye, cosmetics date often. It is those which cause problems in the eye misuse and abuse of cosmetic ingredients, can be allergic or infectious diseases may occur. Old cosmetics, there is a high possibility of being contaminated with bacteria, cosmetics, and good to me changed frequently without long.

Third of symptoms, there is a red dot in the egg white. Is rarely displayed is a red dot in the part of the eye of the whites, there is no dangerous symptoms, if you follow the red dot is long, which means that the blood pressure is high. This or blood pressure is high, the eyes of the capillary extension, is a red dot while salmon.

Then, fourth, there is a white band around the pupil. Try suspected Noin fan if there is a white frame on the periphery of the cornea of the eye. White frame intended to occur in the fat is accumulated in the cornea, it is to mean that a high number of blood fat. The fifth, a white grain to eyelid. If the case where there is a small white grains eyelids, it is meant that the fat in the blood are often accumulated.

Health signal sixth to watch in the eye is that the eyes are yellow. It means that there is a problem between the case where there is jaundice. The seventh, itching and redness often. Projects salt is also referred to as a stye with inflammation occurs on the edge of the eyelid. This hyperemia, itching, fever, appears discomfort, usually eye fatigue eyebrows pores lacrimal gland occurs infected with bacteria, hygiene, malnutrition is a cause and immune system damage.

Bees appear blurry eyes. This is likely the glaucoma, the eye part detecting the color has also been Honcheyomu be corrupted. If there is a glaucoma, to take medication to reduce the pressure of the eye. It can be treated with corticosteroids eye drops and medicines when there is a Honcheyomu.

The ninth and appear in two. Things to look into two, it is necessary to specialist medical and exhibits neuronal damage. There is a nerve in the brainstem involved in the movement of the eye muscles, a problem with the blood flow in the brain, when the nerve is damaged, because the eye movement will not match the Suu~oruchi no focus, things appear to be two It can diplopia is displayed.

The tenth, the flash is reflected. If you attend floating points Toka flash has reflected the glowing eyes, it will be the first signal that there is a migraine. It is possible to treatment in headache medicine, drinking a lot of water, it can be well relax in the dark and quiet room. The next, the color of the eyelids pale. If the color of the skin in the when you turn over the eyelids are tinged with pale color than the light of pale pink, usually if there is anemia, which means the iron deficiency.

Finally, the eyelid is axis tireless. External eyelids, good to receive medical treatment to find a specialist because there is a view that there is a problem with the muscles and nerves.

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Korean proper amount of drinking … two man shochu in one week, a woman one below

Korean, proper amount of drinking … one week to man shochu two, following one woman [Herald economy] 8216; Koreans, drinking the amount of 8217; has attracted interest to the public.

Recent home Medicine alcohol Study Group, 8216 was based on the results of the research in accordance with the Korean constitution; Korean, proper amount of drinking 8217; announced the guidelines.

8216; Koreans, drinking the amount of 8217; According to the guidelines, men of Koreans, research results it is appropriate to drink the following two shochu in week out. Women over 65 years of age, people who appear drunk after flushing was recommended to drink one or less.

This study group, the risk of cardiovascular disease, an increase in insulin resistance, increase the risk of the numerical values in blood liver function, the drinking amount of risk, which was announced in conjunction with a variety of diseases such as increased too indicators drink blood It has been described as the comprehensive analysis.

So far, there is no drinking amount of guidelines to match the Korean body shape and constitution ldquo; week international standard cup (1 cup alcohol 14g) on the basis of, rdquo is appropriate to drink 14 cups; the , the United States National Institutes of Health under the umbrella Institute 8216; National alcohol abuse and addiction Institute (NIAAA) 8217; standards as are referred to follow the.

Kim Johnson of home medical alcohol research chairman ldquo; Koreans not only physique is small compared to the Westerners, many relatively people who look drunk after facial flushing, US GAAP is not appropriate rdquo; he said.

Subsequently ldquo; this we have meaningful deals firmly citizens and it was to be presented academic alcohol intake recommendations rdquo; and ldquo; recommended amount is more than drink to to be able to harm health health I want to enjoy the drinking culture rdquo; he added.

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Korea adult male overweight rate of 36, and salt intake too much

Korean adult male of overweight percentage 36, and salt intake too much

Korean adult male overweight rate, Korea adult male overweight rate, Korea adult male overweight percentage of

It has found that the proportion of Korea adult male overweight is 36. In addition, one in children ten of Korea, it was found to be suffering from four nutritional imbalance of the 10 adults.

Japan International Cooperation Agency GAIN for global wellness specialist company Amway and the UN improvement of nutrition imbalance under the umbrella of (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition) is able to grasp at a glance the actual situation of the world more than 30 countries nutritional imbalance, of the world We have developed a nutrition imbalance map, was published two days.

According to the nutrition imbalance map of the world, while the Korean children under 5 years of age of about 7 (153,000 people) are overweight, children of about 3 (57 000 people) is a well-balanced nutrition It was reported to be not taken. As the cause of the child’s nutritional imbalance of South Korea, lack of vitamins and minerals, lack of breast-feeding period cited.

In addition, overweight and obesity rate of Korea adult is rapidly increasing. By age of 1980 to 2013, overweight proportion of men over 20 years old has increased to 23-36.

Same period, it appears in the rate of increase of men under 20 years of age is 23, and considering that the 20 years of age or older woman of less than of three and 12 increased respectively, nutrition of adult male excess It means that it is much serious. Japan (28) 183; China (25) 183; North Korea (19) the most high even try to compare with men of neighboring countries such as.

In particular, drinking and unbalanced eating habits, smoking burden as a risk to be weighted the Korean sick I mentioned that three of. In addition, Korean fruit 183; cereals 183; intake of vegetables and nuts is insufficient, intake of salt was too found many things.

The proportion of overweight adult males in the United States has become 72. Risk reference value from (35) also are two-fold higher. In addition, the United Kingdom of 183; Germany 183; and including Canada, the proportion of South Korea’s gross domestic product (GDP), as is similar in Spain and Australia of overweight was also reached in 50 to 70 units.

Korean adult male overweight rate, Korea adult male overweight rate, Korea adult male overweight percentage of

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Fn welfare Corporation Oze position rehabilitation medical director this person working

fn this person Labor Welfare Corporation Oze position rehabilitation medical director

Affiliated hospital of the Corporation is to strive to become a global rehabilitation hospital.

Labor Welfare Corporation Oze position rehabilitation medical director, he was doing presented for the hospital of the way under the umbrella of the 1st Corporation. He plays a heavy responsibility to summarize the ten affiliation hospital corporation is run.

1977 Taebaek opened began Rosai Hospital the hospital has enhance the role and function as a workers’ compensation insurance facility so far. However, in recent years, rather than in the hospital for only workers ‘compensation patients, the name of the affiliated hospital that you want to layer to the hospital for all the people to remove the term workers’ compensation in the OO Rosai Hospital are amended to OO hospital .

Especially rehabilitation field, have also pride that are better than private hospitals.

Oh Directors If we treat workers’ compensation patients who was injured at work, so they can return to work, workplace rehabilitation program is enabled, and in particular the attending physician and rehabilitation doctor, rehabilitation Chile (R) gin, society by formulating a treatment plan experts gathered from the initial stage of rehabilitation through a team evaluation meetings ‘such as welfare workers, a big feature is to provide customized rehabilitation services in response to the recovery of the body’s ability of workers’ compensation insurance workers I explained that.

For this reason, not only the workers’ patient, the patient’s general health insurance are also looking for the hospital under the umbrella corporation for rehabilitation treatment. In the case of outpatient, 65 is generally of a patient. Especially in Incheon and Daegu hospitals, also has a facility that can be a water rehabilitation therapy.

However, the deficit has become badly in the lax management and because hospital affiliated corporation. Past 2012 to 276 billion won, the 2013 deficit of 22.5 billion won has occurred. While at that time turned director served as keynote Division of Corporation, it is time to be involved in hospital management. He at the time, was analyzed hospital personnel-effective drops while striving to enhance the is Evaluation of nursing by introducing liability management system for this, is improved gradually run portion He said began .

In addition, in order to outpatient actively flow for management improvement, activation of diversification and public relations of the medical service, the department another specialized center and clinic center opened, optimization of Acts medical unit price, rehabilitation program actively utilize It was.

Thereafter, in 2014 it was shrinking deficit at 4.8 billion. In these edges, he is, while served as a rehabilitation medical director of last year in November, began to summarize the full-fledged hospital.

He said, along with the efforts of the ongoing fiscal consolidation in the future, strengthening of acute treatment of workers’ frequent consumer price index, advancement of rehabilitation services, to promote, such as aging safety facilities improvement of revealed with.

In addition, in the part of rehabilitation, it is expected to strive in order to provide a global level. In cooperation from coming in May and Seoul National University Hospital, is a plan to supply to the hospital affiliated to standardize rehabilitation system. We’re planning to build a senior General Hospital of the scale of the workers’ certain hospital also in Ulsan other. And complete the preliminary feasibility study for the current construction. If this hospital is established, it provides specialized medical services to workers ‘frequent consumer price index, to build a system for providing workers’ compensation medical services at the national level, research and development of severe intractable diseases and occupational diseases (RD ) and is scheduled to perform a function. pompomfnnews Myung Jin medical professional reporter

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Food to make and put the ship, seven of food to help you diet

food to make put the

ships, seven of food to help you diet?

One food 7 to help in the spring diet in which food of news to make put the ship has attracted attention has also been collected interest.

US women of life magazine Women’s Health (Women8217; s Health) is I introduced the food seven who will exercise effect also improves while help in weight diet.

The first is the water. Water is absolutely necessary for the effect of weight loss and exercise. And 60 of our body is composed of water, until the metabolism from the fact that muscle is functioning, is because it is important in all things.

Even lack a little water, it is possible to slow down such an effect. If you exercise in a state in which the body of water is insufficient, so that a little dizziness, easy to feel the fatigue.

Jay false Dr. three times a week good to drink 10 cups of water about a day, if the motion of each time about 45 minutes, drink water up to 12 cups, he said.

Secondly, it is Greek yoghurt. Greek yogurt that other additives, such as sugar is not nearly on, protein content than other yogurt, high While sugar and salt content is low. Therefore satiety was maintained for a long time at high protein, so as not to eating buy snacks until the next meal.

In addition, Greek yogurt is one of the guy good to eat after practice. Jay false Dr. protein to form a muscle protein contained in milk products for the repairing effect is more-effective, it said.

Third, it is nut butter. Peanuts and walnuts, butter made with nuts such as almonds contains unsaturated fats has been found to be a great help to pull the meat.

Unsaturated fats are not only prolong the feeling of satiety so as not to cause a greedy, helps to absorb nutrients from eating, body oil get well back as well by the machine.

Fourth is the egg, proteins have been contained in a large amount, to sustain a feeling of fullness longer.

Moreover, since components that choline getting rid of inflammation rich, by allowing the muscles to move well, it can be enhanced greatly exercise effect. Furthermore, by the anti-inflammatory component is to be maintained constant metabolism and preventing metabolic diseases, it prevents weight gain.

5 The first is it’s dark Ipucheso. Spinach, modern, dark Ipucheso such as kale dietary fiber is rich.

Fibrous, is allowed to maintain the feeling of fullness to fill the above, prevent overeating. In addition, rich in anti-inflammatory component in Ipucheso, can it prevent diseases such as diabetes. When using Ipucheso for weight and movement can eat delicious to eat by creating and wholesale smoothies.

Six first is rice, a wheat, soybean, was removed only the outer shell of the grain, such as Joe through grain. B vitamins and fiber, protein is rich in through grain.

B vitamins are important nutrients for improving the energy was found that some efficacy for getting rid of inflammation. Tube grain toast the nuts butter what is a good guy and eat after exercise.

Seven eye’s low-fat chocolate milk. When you want to eat something after exercise, low-fat chocolate milk is perfect.

The chocolate milk, are included protein and carbohydrates, because there are here in sweetness, in after drinking chocolate milk, I think I want to eat other things but it can be reduced.

Meanwhile, Dzurupu is April season herbs, proteins, vitamins A, C, calcium, high content of dietary fiber is effective in low-calorie diet.

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