OBS lt; cause of actor Sogapusuku irregular menstruation, the stress

OBS lt; Doctor Star gt; the cause of the actor Sogapusuku irregular menstruation stress?

Recent viewers to OBS change life Doctor Star that is popular in the unique theme of health of celebrities actor Sogapusuku starring to obtain information related to the irregular menstruation. Actor Sogapusuku who appeared in the OBS change life doctor star to be broadcast on the 17th was confessed to be worried or not the menopause is visited usually irregular menstruation.

Menstrual irregularities are, usually, when the amount and period of menstruation does not correspond to the normal range, mental, psychological anxiety and excessive stress, disease is a condition caused by the effect of such. Although the period is divided, such as in frequent menstruation and 40 days or more of Fuibaru menstruation too fast, the case of Sogapusuku, it was a state that is trouble do not show an irregular state of recently about two months menopause.

Although this against female Chinese network Ina clinic Jonsoyoun director that came to health attending physician’s Sogapusuku the average age of menopause can be seen 49-year-old, Sogapusuku Mr. rule towards good the state of endometrium compared to age Although he is continuing to menses, and recently about February irregular has been of state , well hormone is reduced for age, but can be considered to come irregular menstruation, in conclusion, It explained that seems to have had an effect on menstruation in circulation shortage caused by stress, such as hyperthyroidism than menopause.

Subsequently Jonsoyoun director proposed a method capable of determining the menopause and menstrual irregularities. First, based on the normal 21 to 35 days of the menstrual cycle, or shorter than, if it is not possible to know the cycle becomes longer, it is possible to determine the menstrual irregularities. In addition, physiological itself such as physiological amount of change I see in the category of menstrual irregularities also the change is coming. On the other hand, in the case of menopause, depression, heart pounding, facial flushing, and menstrual irregularities in those with hyperhidrosis soil menopausal symptoms it’s explanation that there is a difference.

Consumption for Jonsoyoun director for Sogapusuku experiencing irregular menstruation is a state growing degree of fatigue, it is determined that it is important to us to reinforce the spirit, more than anything, a lot of energy in everyday life Then it was diagnosed as not good. This kidney and uterus by strong reinforce the placenta Yakuchimu and energy to naturally slow down the menopause to Hejumu was formulated the Ina Gonjindan that down the help of the circulation.

Placenta Yakuchimu By Hyorujarie injecting a chemical solution was extracted from the placenta, is a needle treatment that shows very good efficacy in menopausal symptoms and anti-aging effect. In addition to this, the cell division is activated, by promoting the metabolism, skin whitening, to help fine lines, moisturizing regeneration, so that the entire human body to expect little young becomes effective.

In addition, Ina Gonjindan is categorically been recognized a long time medicinal prescription dedicated to the imperial family. In Donguibogam has been revealed and seen the effect on the liver damage caused by overwork, in particular, physical strength and mental power consumption is intense students and stress, etc. drinking excessive, company employee that has been plagued by chronic fatigue, and housewives, etc. is a complement agents which can be seen a significant effect on the different ages and professions.

In addition to this Jonsoyoun director also is a Sogapusuku’s irregular menstruation and menopause in good massage way you are suffering from irregular menstruation, the secret of the heel that is associated with the gonads should I Kurere frequently acupressure in acupressure sticks and hand It was also to inform.

Chung director finally to prevent menstrual irregularities, since it is important to maintain a healthy uterus, you must create warm normal body and emphasizes To that end, the half-body bath and Jowafun to warm the belly, we felt that if eat ginger, enhance immunity, minus the eye is advised to be able to see the effect of reducing even warm me menstrual irregularities body, the menstrual cramps.

On the other hand, is broadcast to 8:55 every Saturday morning, OBS Doctor Star, the high medical team of sectoral quality to make over program that I’ll return the health and look to the former middle-aged star is together.

Jean Jefferies Hyun reporter

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Type 2 diabetes therapeutic agent diamonds Em release

JW Chugai, the treatment of type 2 diabetes diamond Em release

Complex can be improved postprandial and fasting blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetic patients simultaneously I newly released.

JW Chugai, the first treatment of type 2 diabetes Daiyaemu is released, the 11th and was plunged into a full-fledged marketing activities, it revealed.

Daiyaemu is the formulation of metformin (Metformin) is Mitiguri product (Mitiglinide) and insulin resistance improving agent is a fast-acting insulin secretion enhancers.

The complexed I release of metformin to simultaneously manage the postprandial blood glucose level and fasting blood glucose level in the country is the first time.

Seoul National University Hospital such as 14 domestic results of a clinical trial that 16 weeks was held in General Hospital, patients taking just before Daiyaemu meal, postprandial blood glucose level is 67.7mg / dl, fasting blood glucose levels of up to 13.9mg / dl were each down.

In addition, when one perhaps taking just before the meal, before and after the blood sugar control of diet increases the convenience of all possible patients, it also helps to economically cheap more than 20 drug prices than when co-administered a single system wax, the company explained.

JW Chugai is a strategy that will foster Daiemu with both convenience and economy as a representative product of the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Lee Jun Ho marketing 1 team leader type 2 diabetes patients, mostly because more difficult to manage the postprandial blood glucose level than the fasting blood glucose levels, postprandial blood glucose level improving agent and metformin formulation administration is effective, as originally released the Daiyaemu to concentrate on the marketing activities, he said to develop as blockbuster product in the treatment of diabetes drug market.

[Kim Ji reporter]

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Intermittent exercise, two weeks … it’s really amazing

SBS special intermittent exercise, two weeks … it’s really amazing

  SBS Special intermittent exercise

SBS Special intermittent exercise

Hot Internet users interest in SBS Special intermittent exercise

The SBS Special which was broadcast leave the 29th under the theme of The nice buddy rebellion intermittent exercise to body modification, intermittent exercise was introduced.

In the broadcast day, analyze the imaginary and real body building boom, even in motion short, the intermittent movement several times the effect appears to have published a method for creating a diverse and appropriate body.

Professor painted McMaster vs. Martin lives of Canada studied the intermittent movement 10 years, introduces a 10×1 exercise, intermittent movement, can be optionally easily even in ordinary people, it said.

10×1 motion is one in which only 60 of the maximum capacity that individuals can use to repeat 10 times a minute movement 1 minute break was used. This movement, the effect appears three times by 20 minutes a week.

In general, as well as diabetes, exercise method that obese patients can be practiced, in particular the results of patients with type 2 diabetes has been practiced for two weeks, it was able to confirm that the blood sugar amount has me greatly.

In addition, when to strengthen the muscles in a state that has become imbalance, imbalance becomes stronger Cebu lance check up body modification Center Sorujunfui Dr. before you begin the exercise, be firmly grasp their bodies It said that it is priority.

Internet users who saw the SBS special intermittent movement news SBS special intermittent exercise, I also try to see doing once , SBS Special intermittent exercise, really effect certain whether SBS Special intermittent exercise, good news for diabetics, the reaction, such as show was.

Internet news headquarters issue team blackhankooki

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Gout drug candidates human body test entry

JW Chugai, ventilation new drug candidate human test approach is (Seoul = Yonhap News) Hacherimu reporter = JW Chugai Pharmaceutical, Japan and ventilation new drug candidate material was jointly developed by URC102 is I approved the phase 1 clinical trial plan from the Food and Drug destination When the 27th I was in the clear.

URC102 the JW Chugai and Japan Chugai is co-founded the Shienshi (CC) substances Developmental Research Laboratories has developed.

According to the company URC102 the animal experiments were performed in both countries, it exhibited excellent effects of ventilation.

JW Chugai, is planning to conduct clinical trials to target a healthy Korean and Caucasian male in Seoul National University Hospital.


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Strengthening of the harbor gel line up … compounding agent FDA approval

CJ health care, is CJ health care that is running on the top of the harbor strengthening of gel line up … compounding agent FDA approved domestic harbor gel market embark on a strengthening of the complex zero line up.

The 10th CJ health care, permission of the past in 2012 in Switzerland of Hell Shrine and license agreement four Tsupitanto and arms Nosetoron component harbor soil compounding agents have entered into a (US product name Atkins Geo) recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) In response to revealed when declined to domestic market.

This product, during the combined zero chemotherapy treatment of 4 Tsupitanto components of the existing arms Nosetoron component and new drug component, including the case to induce severe vomiting, acute and delayed-type area is displayed by the first or repeated administration of chemotherapy , for the first time in the prevention of vomiting as indications we have received permission from the FDA. Formulations for this authorization, acute and delayed areas in a single dose, while preventing emesis, is increased to dosing convenience for patients, it is expected to result in a trend of a new treatment in the harbor Gel markets there.

This formulation is currently in the United States, Eja directors, in the country have the marketing rights and authorization CJ health care. CJ health care, plans to release to complete the cross-linking clinical and licensing procedures.

CJ health care official, only at the time of 2 generations of the harbor gel Aruroku of 2007 (component: palonosetron) is launched, currently running on the top of domestic harbor gel market as complex zero of existing It has been described as turned on building a harbor vomiting portfolio of next generation, which is the product and differentiation.

hskfnnews Honsokugun reporter

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LG Life Sciences, health functional food brand launch

LG Life Sciences, health functional food brand 039; Richun 039; Ranching

[Jon’unmi reporter] LG life science, health functional food brand Richun (re: tune) is launched, revealed three days and announce the six products.

Richun friendly to our body (Bodyfriendly), a more rational (SMART), I was made on the basis of three brand philosophy called all the healthy (LOHAS).

It means that you are willing to re-find the healthy balance of modern people who collapsed to unbalanced eating habits and customs.

The basic suite of organic raw material 99 (Richun multi-vitamin-mineral), high-performance product family to prevent the specific symptoms (Richunpuro omega 3, Richunpuro children, Richunpuro River), children brand family (Richun Kids multi-vitamin-mineral, Richun Kids red ginseng ) it is to show off the six products.

Price is 50 006 thousand won line from balance and about 40 002 thousand won professional line is 2 months.

Products, can be purchased through a formal brand shop (retune.co) as a counselor of the Food and Nutrition Department of telephone consultation lounge that Richun Advisor operated (0802468080).

/ Jon’unmi reporter indiuninews24


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VB, the way of street trees Bibi diet Lab renewal

VB, inner beauty brand VB of street trees of the road Bibi diet Lab reinvented Amore Pacific to commemorate the first anniversary of today (the 15th) flagship store in Sinsa-dong street trees as Bibi diet Lab, Interior Ya renovated the program, it was announced that open.

The first floor was transformed into a space of the VB brand and product center. Body skin beauty, Nutri-support, life care, is divided into well-aging corner, diet, was display 20 kinds of VB product related to health. Visitors can receive free body style measurement experience on the first floor.

2-3 floor was turned into a Diet To Intensive Care area to proceed the programs that are specialized. To diagnose the body style using the advanced equipment, such as 3D-integrated measurement, to analyze the reason for diet failure of similar customer and personal lifestyle and provides customized Diet solutions. Wet spa, dry spa, to help the body care the management of three management programs and lifestyle, such as centralized management elasticity by proceeding simultaneously.

VB official recently, not just weight loss, there is a growing demand for custom body management based on understanding of type of person is defined as VB diet lab based on good analysis It was in the clear and in providing an optimized parliament solutions to individuals.

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Modern people of low back pain, non-invasive treatment limelight

[SW health medicine] modern people back pain, non-invasive treatment limelight

Adult men Well! The figure to suffer Grasp the hips lamented back in daily life, or a scene that normally seen in movies and dramas, actually back pain, eight about out of Korea people 10 people but more about its occurrence often It’s because the more widely known and experienced back pain

According to the documentation that the National Health Insurance Corporation announced recently, if one a herniated disk (disk) clinic number of patients is of spine disease, at 1,364,895 people in 2006, and in 2010 1,609,926 people, 118 times It has been found to jump, thus, the patient’s spine disease and tend to have increased in the case of some patients, even be treated, suffering from back pain that may wander without exact knowledge of this Dale is, when that does not need to surgery, especially medicine occur resistant if case is exactly that, such as when there is a feeling of rejection or side effects to the drug treatment when the remaining intact is also pain in the lower back after surgery also not only that, because there was also a side effect of the problem, it was must have the vigilance

Only recently non-surgical non-invasive treatment has attracted attention from the patient, the treatment also, the Yonsei Saran hospital spine center Son Jun Seok director tend to have evolved every day, treatments that make me reduce the pain The Crock scrambler treatment and to the principle of Crock scrambler therapy is also known ones were full to the advantage of non-invasive treatment is, after you create a signal of non-pain artificially, this spinal pain The Skin sites surrounding, and causes a non-invasive electrodes has been described as being intended to transmit to the brain, that is, mixed pain signals and no pain signals, entirely different signals which was the brain sends By creating maintained to be recognized as, and is the main principle of the panes scrambler treatment it is of not forget the pain

These features of the pane scrambler appears effect of reducing pain if pane scrambler treat about 510 times (3060 minutes per) continuously receive, not only the spine, is not easy to deal with chronic neurological Byonson pain In addition to show the effect of excellent in cancer pain, pain Gyonbuton low back pain after surgery, such as sciatica Bansaton complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) of post-traumatic acute pain, it is widely applied to the pain of all of the musculoskeletal system I can

Pane scrambler, already there pane scrambler that it has acquired the official certification in the world, followed by the European CE certification in 2008, in 2009, in South Korea, which was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) , similar to obtain final approval of the past 2011 of the Food and Drug Administration, to the past in 2011, and holds a Medical Association US CPT code III (code of new medical technology) of (AMA), the United States of more than once related paper in the medical journal has been or is published

Pane scrambler, not only chronic intractable pain, neck, since such the scope shoulders are diverse and is expected to become a therapeutic method for different new pain and physical therapy have been conducted so far

Jou~on’iku reporter lt; Help: Yonsei Saran hospital spine center Son Jun Seok director gt;


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Yeosu monster of meat, the long tail to form fin antennal

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Kimujunhi, bikini wearing in front of a urinal …

Running Man, resin appearance notice? After wearing hot pink uniforms …

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Calcium released supplements Carl tray route 400 of

GSK, was released supplements Carl tray Route 400 of calcium

Glaxo Smith Kline (below, GSK) is the 9th, announced supplements of calcium Carl tray Route 400 (the photo).

Carl tray route 400, of prevention and pregnancy lactation development old age of vitamin D supplementation of calcium deficiency, growth failure and rickets prevention of bone teeth in products containing calcium 600㎎ and vitamin D 400IU in one tablet It is a supplement of calcium that have indications.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the average calcium intake of Korean women greatly inferior to the 1st 1200㎎ of domestic and international recommended intake to 458㎎. Especially 60s generated many osteoporosis, calcium intake of about 70 units, that lower revealed. Bone metabolism Society for this is, has recommended that you take supplements of calcium used therapeutic agents for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis together.

Carl tray program, in 2012, and is effective in the prevention of fractures in older women in most sold calcium supplements in the world, is a drug to significantly increase bone density in postmenopausal women with menopausal transition period . Carl tray route 400, South Korea Pfizer supplies, domestic sales of products that target health care workers, GSK is responsible. This GSK was supposed to further strengthen the portfolio of existing osteoporosis treatment agent (tablets, injections) to followed by osteoporosis therapeutic agent for bone provided to supplement knife tray route 400 of calcium.

The average intake of calcium of Chung-Ang hospital obstetrics and gynecology professor Bakuhyonmu women of our country postmenopausal goal loss is increased, it is not less than half of the required amount of the day, in particular more than 80 women of osteoporosis vitamin D nutritional status is to be crying not suitable stressed that we need intake of additional calcium and vitamin D .

hskfnnews Honsokugun reporter

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It should fall of the health law ④ climbing, if not down to the heel when you Shimoyama

[Health method of autumn ④] climbing, autumn if if to get off at the heel when the descent is a good season to exercise. However, due to hot weather in the summer, it is not moved in many suddenly when exercise, it is possible to forcibly go into the knee joint. Looking at the review decision data statistics of the health insurance examination center of 2007-2011, knee arthrosis medical personnel have been found to be increased significantly in September-October. To protect the fall of the knee joint, let us examine how to exercise healthy.

▲ climbing, obesity, to rest frequently

Fall is a good season for climbing. Suddenly hard prone or sore knee when climbing. Sometimes result in severe pain, such as rises swollen knee. It is important to know the correct walking methods required in climbing.

It is not if heavy popping when you get off the mountain. It is possible to reduce a burden applied to the knees and hips if unless off at idea always bend more than the knee. Shimoyama burden of transmitted to the ankle and knee during reaches three times of its own weight. Furthermore, it must be taken into account until the weight of the backpack. Therefore when Hassan is running Do not be. It reduces the burden to come down to the heel than the toe. The center of gravity becomes faster speed walking concentrated forward Accordingly, care must be taken since it may fall down or slipping the center is lost.

On the way to mountain climbing, it is also useful for fatigue recovery to rest a little bit high posture of the foot. In particular, obesity is better for us to take frequent breaks. Climbing after, cartilage has to be sure that they are not damaged. while bending repeatedly deployed, sound or Najinun, it is to take a look or feel did not before there is not. This may deteriorate, it is a method capable of discovering diseases of the knee, such as degenerative arthritis early.

▲ prevention of injury of muscle strength enough to grow knee if if

9, October is the month in which the marathon is performed most often. Foot When the marathon that was it if usually, it might inflict ankle, leg, thigh, a leg injury, such as a knee. Especially knee injury is a risk may worsen to the cartilage loss ream osteomalacia.

Before marathon that foster basic physical strength steadily it is important. Not only aerobic exercise, it is preferable to concurrently weight training that can enhance the thigh muscle. The more increase muscle strength, it is possible to alleviate the impact can electrolytes over the knee. At least 5km of course every week once or twice jump it is better to finish more than 10 times. Unless you grow basic physical and strength enough it is possible to prevent injuries of the knee.

After the practice, it must release the knee through the other movement of the light intensity. It is also useful to shower with warm water. It is because the inflammation is likely to occur in the knee joints and ligaments in the friction between the load of the joint. If the pain is severe, it is I felt that if the massage with cold water immediately after exercise.

▲ of 1 hour must be prepared for one hour during exercise

Football, risk of injury is very big sport. Type that you hurt by the football is the case due to almost unreasonable behavior. Hip, ankle, neck, wrist, such as the knee can feel the pain, the most dangerous sites are the knee. You can land in the heading, it can be serious injury to cruciate ligament ruptures when you are a tackle knee is overly break.

Rather than a football shoes, when the football wearing the shoes, it is dangerous it may cause directly affect the knee and ankle. Also, changing the forcibly orientation, it should not be twisted body. Soccer faster speeds than other sports, but better activity amount is large. Is a high possibility that the knee is folded more than necessary during the match for.

Enough stretch and warm-up is an essential condition for the prevention of injury. It must be a one hour warm up if cold one hour ball. Stretch, to stand up and sat in the much I feel the pain in the body, if not enough given release to operations such as me knee is rotated 360 degrees can prevent knee injury. Imujonshiku reporters dadasportschosun, help: Yonsei Saran hospital Josunbe deputy director

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